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Meeting the Needs of Neurodivergent and Typical Students

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Educational Gardening

How it Started

The New Era of Education

A traditional classroom isn't for everyone.   Some learners struggle with strict structures and fast paced instruction. We are both moms of neurodivergent children who have struggled tremendously within the traditional public school classroom setting.  Over the years we have searched tirelessly for a place where our children can learn in the ways that best suit them.  What we have ultimately come to realize is that this setting does not exist.  In light of this truth, we decided to create this safe learning space for them as well as for the many others looking for the same type of learning experience.  Our ultimate goal at Whole Child is for all children to grow a love of learning and for them to feel connected to a learning community that truly cares and wants to see them succeed.

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Here’s What They Say About Whole Child Learning Academy

Discover some of the amazing experiences Whole Child Learning Academy has provided to students and their parents. We stand by our guarantee of creating safe and effective learning environments for everyone, and believe our students' successes speak for themselves.


Angela Tomas

I have 3 kids at Whole Child and they are all happy and thriving. The teachers care deeply about each child's success and emotional health! We are very happy with their attention to details and care for my children!



Outstanding Quality

We stand by our all inclusive learning environment . We are a community and work with families. We just want to see all children thrive and be happy in their learning process! If you are unhappy at any time you can dis-enroll with 14 days notice.

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